Our new service offering:
Optimization of scientific theses

Our new service offering

Optimization of scientific theses

After 10 years of successful market presence, Synopsis GmbH now offers the optimization (proofreading, review) of academic theses (bachelor's and master's theses as well as dissertations) as an additional service offering, particularly in the fields of humanities, social sciences, education, media, culture, economics and geosciences.

The range of services applies both to purely theoretical, exclusively literature-based evaluations and to empirical work by means of surveys or interviews.

The support is provided by Dr. J. Reinhard Rheker, who has acquired the necessary professional and interpersonal skills during his long professional career (research and teaching at the University of Bonn; founder and managing partner of an independent market research agency with national and international clients from various sectors).

The demand for the new service offering has crystallized through conversations among friends, colleagues and clients; the personal competence results from diverse and long-standing experience in optimizing essential documents (questionnaires, reports, presentations, publications, theses) in dialogue with the respective authors.

The proven cornerstones of Synopsis GmbH ('holistic view on complex topics', 'customized advice and individual support', 'trust in experience') also form the basis for the new range of services.

Pricing is flexible according to agreement.

If you are interested in our service offering, please send a short e-mail to rr@synopsis-research.de, stating your university, department, type of work and topic. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a free and non-binding call to discuss the details in an open dialogue.

Dr. J. Reinhard Rheker

+49 4121 89 87 336
+49 151 42 52 37 71

Qualifikation und beruflicher Werdegang von Dr. J. Reinhard Rheker

  • Arbeitete vor Beginn seiner Karriere in der Marktforschung als Wissenschaftler am Geographischen Insititut der Universität Bonn (Promotion in 1987)
  • 1993-2010 Führungskraft bei MM-Eye GmbH (vormals Müller Market Insight, vormals Müller Goldfarb Consultants) in Hamburg
    • 1993-1997: Senior Research Executive
    • 1997-2010: Geschäftsführer
  • Seit 2011: Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von Synopsis in Elmshorn
  • ESOMAR Mitglied