Our new service offering:
Optimization of scientific theses

We are an owner-managed Market Research Agency located in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

The company name 'Synopsis' stands for a holistic view on complex topics as well as for an integrated approach to a given research assignment.

We offer tailor-made market research studies including a full range of services:

  • Conceived in accordance with the specific objectives of our clients
  • Implemented as qualitative and/or quantitative surveys
  • Conducted on a national or international level
  • Managed by a single point of contact, in cooperation with an established domestic and foreign partner network.

Our credo: 'Trust in experience'

  • That is why we guarantee senior involvement in all studies and in all project stages: from submitting proposals, through fieldwork up to the analysis of results.
  • We do not limit ourselves to merely collecting data, but pursue the intention to support our clients as a partner and consultant in all market research-related topics.

Synopsis may be depicted by a Pilot Vessel:

  • Relatively small, but seaworthy, fast and agile
  • With an experienced crew which has acquired its 'sea patents' not only via academic qualifications but also by long-term 'cruises' on the waves of market research
  • We go aboard to competently support our clients when navigating through difficult waters
  • We know about diverse 'shallows' of consumer behaviour and the emotional and motivational determinants behind them
  • But we also love to embark on discovery journeys, with and for our clients.

Last but not least the Pilot Vessel analogy reflects our rooting in the maritime region between the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the River Elbe.